10 Real-World Ways That Everyone Can Be a Leader

1. Jumping in line to help a coworker prepare sandwiches at Subway when the line gets too long.

2. Rising early to run errands so that your husband can use your shared car for work.

3. Ordering pizza for co-workers who stay late to finish a project.

4. Promising to take your kids to the movies if they finish their homework (and actually following through.)

5. Allowing ‘your’ agenda item to be dropped from the meeting to give more time on a currently more important issue.

6. Coaching a colleague on how to use that tricky piece of proprietary software only you seem to fully understand.

7. Arriving to meetings on time.

8. Placing an “out of order” sign on the vending machine that just ate your quarters.

9. Helping a new employee remember names of everyone in the office.

10. Covering a shift for your sick co-worker on your day off.

Acts of leadership aren’t reserved solely for the CEO of the company. Everyone in the organization can and should lead daily. Want to learn what it means to lead and learn how to lead? Download the first chapter of Do Lead for free today.