The Coaching Show Interviews Les McKeown (Podcast)

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Les McKeown, author of Do Lead, was recently featured on two segments of The Coaching Show, a Christopher McAuliffe podcast on

In segment 1, Les discusses leadership within organizations and dispels the myths that are usually associated with this "heroic" word. 

In segement 2, Les explains how to foster and leadership at all levels of your organization. 

Listen to the entire podcast here. 

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Brand Building Extraordinaire Denise Lee Yohn Reviews Do Lead

denise lee yohn | do lead book

Denise Lee Yohn--brand-building extraordinaire,  speaker, and author of What Great Brands Do--recently interviewed Les McKeown on her Brand-as-Business Bites Podcast.

In the interview Yohn says, "Do Lead challenges many of the myths that are out there about leadership, including most importantly, what leadership really is." Listen to Les' response as well as the rest of the interview here.

Denise also reviewed Do Lead on her website. In her review, Denise mentions that Do Lead is a "handbook for anyone who wants to make a difference. You can read it in less than an hour but it will make a lasting impression." Read what her favorite parts of the book were here. 

Thanks so much for the solid write-up Denise Lee Yohn! Want fresh ideas and clear cut tools for Brand-Building Success? Make sure to check out her website.

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Everyone's a Leader

Photo By Martin Wessely,

Photo By Martin Wessely,


There are extreme situations where having an in-front leader calling the shots is necessary; usually in times of immediate danger or crisis. The majority of interactions, however, are not this dire and actually benefit from having a variety of leaders contributing. 

"Whether it's building a strategic plan, launching a new product, running a kids' soccer league or managing a non-profit, having access to leadership throughout the enterprise is a major advantage in that it brings a variety of perspectives, experience, and skills to bear."

It's important to recognize that leadership doesn't always have to come from the front. There are many ways that members of the organization can contribute regardless of their title. Download the first chapter of Do Lead today and start learning how to inspire leadership within all of your team members. 

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Do Lead Available For Purchase Tomorrow

do lead

Tomorrow is the day! The latest book by Les McKeown, Do Lead, will be available for purchase starting Friday, May 16th. 

Cant wait until tomorrow to embark on your leadership transformation? Head over here and register to receive a free replay link to the one-hour leadership webinar that Les hosted earlier today. 

The free webinar will teach you:

  • The four myths that have paralyzed leadership in our modern era.
  • The reason why effective leadership is goal-oriented, not (primarily) people-oriented.
  • The four basic leadership styles and how to determine which is the best fit for you.
  • The five steps toward influencing groups/teams when you’re not their official leader and when to use them.

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Do Lead: From Wherever You Are - Interview With Les


If you're looking to make a better connection with your clients and customers, you should really have a chat with Phil Gerbyshak.   Speaker, Trainer, Writer, but more importantly - "The Real Deal!," Phil has spent the last decade teaching organizations how to use social media to grow their businesses.

Les sat down with Phil last week to talk about the book and we've got the conversation for you right here:

You can get in touch with Phil over at his website:

Phil Gerbyshak - connecting you to your customers

And of course, don't forget to:

1/ Download the 1st chapter of Do Lead for free here

2/ Enter our Facebook quiz for a chance to win two tickets to GROWCO and some of Les' Do Lead training cards - enter here.

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A personal welcome to you

Hey, thanks for popping over to Do: Lead - I'm genuinely pleased to see you here.

Let me introduce myself, tell you what's going on here, and answer a few other of your questions:

Q: Who the heck are you?

A: I'm Les McKeown, and I'm the author of the best-selling "Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization On the Growth Track - and Keeping It There" and "The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success".

Q: What's this site for?

A: To sell my latest book, "Do Lead: Share your vision. Inspire others. Achieve the impossible", the third in the Predictable Success trilogy.

Q: What's the book about?

A: How to lead anyone, at any time, even if you're not their de facto leader.

Q: Who's it for?

A: Anyone who wants to lead (even if intermittently), and anyone who wants to release the huge, untapped reservoir of leadership in their organization.

Q: Why is it called "Do: Lead"?

A: Do: Lead is part of a wonderful collection of books that grew out of the equally wonderful (and life-changing) Do Lectures.

Q: Why should I care?

A: Most leadership books released in the last 30 years present an unreal concept of what leadership truly is. This book re-defines leadership in a way that will change your life.

Q: I like the sound of that - can I read some of it?

A: Sure - there's a free excerpt available right here. Enjoy - and while you're there, why not enter our exciting competition?

Q: Competition? What competition?

A: I'm so convinced of the power of the principles in Do: Lead that I'm offering $100,000 in free consulting to the organization that shares the best example of "Do Leadership" in action. Want in?

Q: I'm sold - where can I get the darn thing?

A: You can get your own copy direct from Amazon. Want to grab some additional copies for your colleagues? We've provided some tremendous incentives to do so right here.

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Download the 1st chapter of Do lead here: