Do Lead Cards In Action

For the past few months we have been running a fun contest on our Facebook page.  To enter, contestants had to answer 5 easy questions and then a daily winner was drawn from the entrants. Every winner received a deck of Do Lead cards, adapted from the book, that were intended to inspire leadership across all levels of an organization.

When one of our winners, Lisa Blair, received her deck of Do Lead cards in the mail, she decided to put them in to action right away and share her experience with us! Below are a few of the cards that she's shared so far.  As you go through the images, think about what your answers would be to the questions. 

Lisa's team in action! 

Here is a picture of Lisa's team members sharing the card "What do you believe your core skill to be?"

This card reads "What do you take on that you should leave to others?" Lisa's team unanimously answered "technology." 

do lead book

Lisa's husband, the only bloke on a team of 14 women, is holding the "What drives you crazy?" card. When asked what his answer was, Lisa replied, "If I suggest one more opportunity to chat about how we're feeling, he'll blow a widget!" Well, that pretty much sums it up, doesn't it! :)

do lead book

This card reads, "About what have you heard all that you ever want to know?" Lisa's answer was "legislation and red tape."

do lead book

When Lisa drew the card "What type of environment juices you creatively?" she sent us this picture. That view definitely looks inviting!

do lead book

Last but not least we share with you Lisa's answer to "What type of environment drains you creatively?" Lisa says, "I took your stupid card to the stupid market with lots (and lots) of stupid people and a stupid shopping list and it was horrid. And I forgot to buy most of the stupid things on the stupid list. I don't think I feel very creative in crowds." Ha! Looks like Lisa Blair knows exactly the kind of environment she needs to avoid if she wants to be creatively inspired. 

Thanks so much for sharing your Do Lead journey with us Lisa Blair! We hope that the cards inspire leadership amongst all of your team members. To everyone else, download the first chapter of Do Lead for free here for leadership inspiration. 

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Empower Your Employees With a Do Lead Leadership Deck

do lead leadership card

Want to get to know your employees better while also empowering them as leaders? Incorporate your deck of Do Lead leadership cards into your employee outreach strategy.

Before every meeting--draw a few cards from the deck and let everyone in the room give his or her answer. Their answers will offer insight as to what each individual's strengths truly are. Eventually, each employee will learn to embrace his or her leadership potential and start taking the reins on projects that need his or her expertise. 

Want to win your own deck of Do Lead leadership cards? We are giving away one deck away each day. All you have to do is answer five easy questions on our Facebook page, and you will be automatically entered into our contest. 

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Another Do Lead Winner In Our Midst

do lead

Give a round of applause to Lisa B.! As our latest Do Lead winner, she will receive a deck of her very own leadership cards adapted from Do Lead, the latest book by Les McKeown. 

Want to win your own deck? Enter the quick, fun contest here. 

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Win These Awesome Leadership Cards


Let's say you can't drop everything and nip off to Nashville next week to attend the GROWCO conference and watch Mark Cuban and Les McKeown share their expertise.  OK - it's a great opportunity but we understand schedules!

However - check these babies out:

Talking about leadership isn't actually that hard but here's a great way to make it even easier.  Playing cards based around Les' third book Do Lead.

All you need to do to win a pack is be the daily winner of our Facebook contest.  Nip over to the contest here - answer 5 deceptively simple questions on what leadership is about and you could be the proud owner of the coolest card on the planet!

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You'll find if you read the book - you'll have a much better chance of winning.  Don't forget to download the first chapter of Do Lead for free by clicking here.

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Fortune Favors the Leader Who Is Ready to Act

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You can read more about the contest here. And of course, if you haven't already, you can download the first chapter of Do Lead here.

Deadline: Midnight PST this Friday, May 9.

Fortune favors those who are prepared and willing to act when a great opportunity is in front of them.