How to Deal With Failure (Yes, It's Inevitable)

There are four key phases when dealing with failure; anticipate, recognize, manage, learn. Because failure is inevitable (and also a key component within the leadership continuum), how you deal with each stage will determine how much success will come to your enterprise. 

Image by Chris Sardegna,

Image by Chris Sardegna,

How to Anticipate Failure: 

1. Run a "red team exercise" 

2. Set markers

3. Build enforced accountability

Image by Austin Neill,

Image by Austin Neill,

How to Recognize Failure: 

1. Don't cancel accountability meetings

2. Treat data as information

3. Get outside view

Image by Paul Jarvis,

Image by Paul Jarvis,

How to Manage Failure:

1. Don't procrastinate

2. Separate yourself from 'it"

3. Apply triage principles

4. Make the decision: fix, finish, scrap

Image by Paul Jarvis,

Image by Paul Jarvis,

How to Learn From Failure: 

1. Have constructive postmortems

2. Learn the lessons

3. Move on

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