Do Lead Cards In Action

For the past few months we have been running a fun contest on our Facebook page.  To enter, contestants had to answer 5 easy questions and then a daily winner was drawn from the entrants. Every winner received a deck of Do Lead cards, adapted from the book, that were intended to inspire leadership across all levels of an organization.

When one of our winners, Lisa Blair, received her deck of Do Lead cards in the mail, she decided to put them in to action right away and share her experience with us! Below are a few of the cards that she's shared so far.  As you go through the images, think about what your answers would be to the questions. 

Lisa's team in action! 

Here is a picture of Lisa's team members sharing the card "What do you believe your core skill to be?"

This card reads "What do you take on that you should leave to others?" Lisa's team unanimously answered "technology." 

do lead book

Lisa's husband, the only bloke on a team of 14 women, is holding the "What drives you crazy?" card. When asked what his answer was, Lisa replied, "If I suggest one more opportunity to chat about how we're feeling, he'll blow a widget!" Well, that pretty much sums it up, doesn't it! :)

do lead book

This card reads, "About what have you heard all that you ever want to know?" Lisa's answer was "legislation and red tape."

do lead book

When Lisa drew the card "What type of environment juices you creatively?" she sent us this picture. That view definitely looks inviting!

do lead book

Last but not least we share with you Lisa's answer to "What type of environment drains you creatively?" Lisa says, "I took your stupid card to the stupid market with lots (and lots) of stupid people and a stupid shopping list and it was horrid. And I forgot to buy most of the stupid things on the stupid list. I don't think I feel very creative in crowds." Ha! Looks like Lisa Blair knows exactly the kind of environment she needs to avoid if she wants to be creatively inspired. 

Thanks so much for sharing your Do Lead journey with us Lisa Blair! We hope that the cards inspire leadership amongst all of your team members. To everyone else, download the first chapter of Do Lead for free here for leadership inspiration. 

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Hit the Refresh Button on Your Tired Leadership Ways

Image by Bulldog1,  Flickr

Image by Bulldog1, Flickr

Taking the reins on every project is exhausting. Just because it sometimes works, doesn't mean it's the only route (or the best route) to success. Great leaders know that there is no magic formula that brings success and that working smarter always trumps working harder. Instead of spreading yourself too thin, you should be trying to ignite the leadership flame within all of your team members. 

Download the first chapter of Do Lead for free and get started building that successful, hardworking team today.

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Brand Building Extraordinaire Denise Lee Yohn Reviews Do Lead

denise lee yohn | do lead book

Denise Lee Yohn--brand-building extraordinaire,  speaker, and author of What Great Brands Do--recently interviewed Les McKeown on her Brand-as-Business Bites Podcast.

In the interview Yohn says, "Do Lead challenges many of the myths that are out there about leadership, including most importantly, what leadership really is." Listen to Les' response as well as the rest of the interview here.

Denise also reviewed Do Lead on her website. In her review, Denise mentions that Do Lead is a "handbook for anyone who wants to make a difference. You can read it in less than an hour but it will make a lasting impression." Read what her favorite parts of the book were here. 

Thanks so much for the solid write-up Denise Lee Yohn! Want fresh ideas and clear cut tools for Brand-Building Success? Make sure to check out her website.

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How to Deal With Failure (Yes, It's Inevitable)

There are four key phases when dealing with failure; anticipate, recognize, manage, learn. Because failure is inevitable (and also a key component within the leadership continuum), how you deal with each stage will determine how much success will come to your enterprise. 

Image by Chris Sardegna,

Image by Chris Sardegna,

How to Anticipate Failure: 

1. Run a "red team exercise" 

2. Set markers

3. Build enforced accountability

Image by Austin Neill,

Image by Austin Neill,

How to Recognize Failure: 

1. Don't cancel accountability meetings

2. Treat data as information

3. Get outside view

Image by Paul Jarvis,

Image by Paul Jarvis,

How to Manage Failure:

1. Don't procrastinate

2. Separate yourself from 'it"

3. Apply triage principles

4. Make the decision: fix, finish, scrap

Image by Paul Jarvis,

Image by Paul Jarvis,

How to Learn From Failure: 

1. Have constructive postmortems

2. Learn the lessons

3. Move on

Download the first chapter of Do Lead for free today and get started on your leadership journey. 

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Managing Failure

Image by Anders Jildén,

Image by Anders Jildén,

We have already established that failing is inevitable. So how are you supposed to deal with an initiative that is so obviously failing? 

Assuming you have already separated yourself from the issue and swiftly diagnosed the extent of the failure, there are three options available: 

1. Fix it,

2. Finish it,


3. Scrap it

Need help figuring out which one you should do? Download the first chapter of Do Lead for free today. 

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Master the Skill of Managing Yourself With These 3 Things

Being an effective leader doesn't necessarily mean you have to be a productivity ninja, it just means you have to master the skill of managing yourself. If you are reasonably good at the following three things (and you practice them consistently), you'll settle into the title "effective leader" quite nicely.

Image by Sonja Langford,

Image by Sonja Langford,

Image by Caleb George Morris,

Image by Caleb George Morris,

Image by Thanun Buranapong,

Image by Thanun Buranapong,

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Leadership is Dynamic

leadership quote

Leadership is not just a skill you pick up in your second semester of grad school, nor is it a skill held only by the most charismatic in-front leaders. By acknowledging that leadership doesn't have to come from the front, it frees us from the constraints of misperception.

Leadership is a dynamic, ever-changing set of inter-relationships. Download the first chapter of Do Lead today and learn how to lead when you aren't in-front. 

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