Market Basket Employees Unite Over Fired President

"Become the kind of leader people would follow voluntarily even if you held no title or position." -Brian Tracy

Employees of Market Basket Foods, a Northeast grocery chain, have been organizing rallies to reinstate their fired president, Arthur T. Demoulas. 

According to his employees, senior management, and community members, Demoulas had a top notch business philosophy; he paid workers well, funded retirement accounts, had a personable disposition, and kept prices low. 

So why was he fired? According to an article in the Boston Globe,  the firing stemmed from a decades long family feud. 

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Leadership is a Continuum

Image by Vladimir Kramer,

Image by Vladimir Kramer,

All great leaders know that failure is part of the leadership continuum. Not only do leaders anticipate failure, they know when it's happening, know how to manage others when it does, and learn from it once it's passed. 

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Want to Build Effective Priority-Management Skills?

Image by Daniel Ruswick,

Image by Daniel Ruswick,

To be an effective leader, it’s not enough just ‘doing things right’ – you also need to be ‘doing the right things’. So what are the 'right things'? Get an SPG!

What is an SPG? 

A single pre-eminent goal that is specific and concrete enough to enable the prioritization of your daily activities.

Can I have more than one? 

Sorry, you may only have one at a time.

Is my SPG the same as my mission? 

Not exactly, your SPG should sit directly under your mission, vision and values--and right above your individual strategies. 

How does my SPG affect my day-to-day routine? 

All of your daily activities should flow from your SPG. Is the meeting you're conducting on Tuesday conducive to achieving your SPG? If not,  perhaps you shouldn't waste your team's time. 

By figuring out what your SPG is you'll have a heightened awareness of what your real priorities are. Need help figuring out what your SPG is? Download the first chapter of Do Lead today. 

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