The Dreaded F Word

Image by John,  Flickr

Image by John, Flickr

Not many leadership books want to talk about that dreaded "F" word.  No, not that one. We are talking about FAILURE. 

Failure isn't fun nor is it particularly glamorous. It is, however, inevitable if you want to be a great leader.

Leaders Who Have Failed (Before They Succeeded)

1. Colonel Sanders' famous chicken recipe was rejected over 1000 times before a restaurant expressed interest. He didn't open the first KFC until he was 65 years old. 

2. Henry Ford's first two car companies weren't successful and left him financially unstable. He went on to found the Ford Motor Company, the first car company to implement assembly line manufacturing. 

3. Walt Disney was fired from his position as editor because "he lacked imagination and had no original ideas." The Disney empire now generate over $30 billion annually. 

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