I'd Like to Make a Deposit Please

Image by Alejandro Escamila, Unsplash.com

Image by Alejandro Escamila, Unsplash.com

Every week we will be highlighting a different chapter from the book Do Lead using chapter quotes, infographics, eye-catching imagery and long form content pieces. This week's content is drawn from chapter four. 

Most of us only acknowledge an act of leadership when it involves some sort of transformation or breakthrough. The truth, however, is that this is only part of the story. What we don't take into account is the time, emotion, and intellect the impactful leader previously pledged.  

All great leaders know that they have to make small, regular deposits in their own 'leadership banks', in order to one day make a transformative withdrawal. 

Start making deposits in your own leadership bank by downloading the first chapter of Do Lead here. 

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