Empower Your Employees With a Do Lead Leadership Deck

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Want to get to know your employees better while also empowering them as leaders? Incorporate your deck of Do Lead leadership cards into your employee outreach strategy.

Before every meeting--draw a few cards from the deck and let everyone in the room give his or her answer. Their answers will offer insight as to what each individual's strengths truly are. Eventually, each employee will learn to embrace his or her leadership potential and start taking the reins on projects that need his or her expertise. 

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Managing Failure

Image by Anders Jildén, Unsplash.com

Image by Anders Jildén, Unsplash.com

We have already established that failing is inevitable. So how are you supposed to deal with an initiative that is so obviously failing? 

Assuming you have already separated yourself from the issue and swiftly diagnosed the extent of the failure, there are three options available: 

1. Fix it,

2. Finish it,


3. Scrap it

Need help figuring out which one you should do? Download the first chapter of Do Lead for free today. 

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Effective Leadership is Goal-Oriented

Image by Anna Dziubinska, Unsplash.com

Image by Anna Dziubinska, Unsplash.com

While it may be true that a happy team is likely to achieve better results faster than an unhappy one, that isn't always case. There will more than likely come a time when the harmony of the group will have to be sacrificed in order to reach the enterprise's goals. The purpose of leadership is not to build a happy, collegial team. Instead, the purpose should be to lead your team towards achieving very specific goals. 

Still not convinced? Consider this example; a football manager spends an entire season building a content, happy team yet they fail to win anything year after year. 

Ready to build a goal-oriented team? Download the first chapter of Do Lead for free today. 

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I'd Like to Make a Deposit Please

Image by Alejandro Escamila, Unsplash.com

Image by Alejandro Escamila, Unsplash.com

Every week we will be highlighting a different chapter from the book Do Lead using chapter quotes, infographics, eye-catching imagery and long form content pieces. This week's content is drawn from chapter four. 

Most of us only acknowledge an act of leadership when it involves some sort of transformation or breakthrough. The truth, however, is that this is only part of the story. What we don't take into account is the time, emotion, and intellect the impactful leader previously pledged.  

All great leaders know that they have to make small, regular deposits in their own 'leadership banks', in order to one day make a transformative withdrawal. 

Start making deposits in your own leadership bank by downloading the first chapter of Do Lead here. 

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Everyone's a Leader

Photo By Martin Wessely, Unsplash.com

Photo By Martin Wessely, Unsplash.com


There are extreme situations where having an in-front leader calling the shots is necessary; usually in times of immediate danger or crisis. The majority of interactions, however, are not this dire and actually benefit from having a variety of leaders contributing. 

"Whether it's building a strategic plan, launching a new product, running a kids' soccer league or managing a non-profit, having access to leadership throughout the enterprise is a major advantage in that it brings a variety of perspectives, experience, and skills to bear."

It's important to recognize that leadership doesn't always have to come from the front. There are many ways that members of the organization can contribute regardless of their title. Download the first chapter of Do Lead today and start learning how to inspire leadership within all of your team members. 

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