The Coaching Show Interviews Les McKeown (Podcast)

the coaching show

Les McKeown, author of Do Lead, was recently featured on two segments of The Coaching Show, a Christopher McAuliffe podcast on

In segment 1, Les discusses leadership within organizations and dispels the myths that are usually associated with this "heroic" word. 

In segement 2, Les explains how to foster and leadership at all levels of your organization. 

Listen to the entire podcast here. 

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Brand Building Extraordinaire Denise Lee Yohn Reviews Do Lead

denise lee yohn | do lead book

Denise Lee Yohn--brand-building extraordinaire,  speaker, and author of What Great Brands Do--recently interviewed Les McKeown on her Brand-as-Business Bites Podcast.

In the interview Yohn says, "Do Lead challenges many of the myths that are out there about leadership, including most importantly, what leadership really is." Listen to Les' response as well as the rest of the interview here.

Denise also reviewed Do Lead on her website. In her review, Denise mentions that Do Lead is a "handbook for anyone who wants to make a difference. You can read it in less than an hour but it will make a lasting impression." Read what her favorite parts of the book were here. 

Thanks so much for the solid write-up Denise Lee Yohn! Want fresh ideas and clear cut tools for Brand-Building Success? Make sure to check out her website.

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