Age Is Just A Number

There is no "right" time to start leading. Some leaders are born, others develop from their circumstances.

  • Do you decline to take the leads on projects because you feel you don't have enough experience
  • Do you often second guess yourself in the workplace because you are numerically younger than most of your co-workers? 
  • Are you constantly doubting whether or not you are ready to lead yet?

There is only one place you can ever start leading from: where you are right now. Start small, start big, start early, start later. Start NOW!

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Clearing Away Coffee Cups Can Lead to Great Things

Image by Vee-O,

Image by Vee-O,

Want to start leading? Start small. Clearing away coffee cups after a work meeting (especially if it isn't part of your job description) will show your superiors that you are committed to helping the enterprise achieve common goals.

Don't worry about whether or not your efforts go unnoticed. No great leader leads because of potential praise; they lead because they want the enterprise to succeed.

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