What Is Your Consistency of Purpose?

Image by Pierre-Olivier Bourgeois, Unsplash.com

Image by Pierre-Olivier Bourgeois, Unsplash.com

All the great leaders in history, Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and Nelson Mandela, have one thing in common; a consistency of purpose. The greater the consistency of purpose (and the longer it is exhibited), the greater the leadership return. 

What is the one thing that makes you tick, floats your boat, or tickles your fancy? This thing can be something lofty like "world peace" or something more normal like "reducing the amount of plastic bags used in my household." Regardless of what your purpose is, the important thing is that you have one. 

So what if you don't have a consistency of purpose, does that mean your dreams of becoming a great leader are lost? Not necessarily. In the fourth chapter of Do Lead, Les McKeown gives you a couple of tips on what to do if you haven't found your consistency of purpose quite yet. Download the first chapter of Do Lead today to get started on your journey to becoming one of the "greats."

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