Fortune Favors the Leader Who Is Ready to Act

Are you an Organization on the Verge? Just need a little help getting over the edge? We have two incredible opportunities for you this week.

You've got make a bit of an effort. And you must move quickly. If you aren't willing to do that, these opportunies aren't for you.

Opportunity #1:
Two tickets for you and a colleague to attend GrowCo, Inc Magazine's  event for bold founders and thinkers. .
May 20 - 22, Nashville TN.

Opportunity #2
Work personally with Les McKeown and his Predictable Success team. You can win over $100,000 of consulting, including on-site visits, that can put your organization on the fast track to sustainable success and profitability.

How do you get these opportunities?
It's pretty simple really. But most people won't go to the trouble. They are not prepared to act quickly and decisively on their own behalf.

But you are different. You are prepared. You are decisive. You are ready to act. Here's what you need to do: Submit your best example of how your organization fosters leadership at all levels by this Friday, May 9. 

You'll be entered to win both opportunities. (And if you've already submitted your application, you'll be entered for the GrowCo tickets as well.)

You can read more about the contest here. And of course, if you haven't already, you can download the first chapter of Do Lead here.

Deadline: Midnight PST this Friday, May 9.

Fortune favors those who are prepared and willing to act when a great opportunity is in front of them.