Do Lead Contest Update

Thanks for being a part of the launch of Do Lead. It has been a truly inspiring process for us, and one which has really pushed forward our understanding of what the principles of Do Lead can deliver for people like you (and me) and the enterprises we work with and for.

In fact, we’ve received so much interest from organizations and individuals who want to implement the Do Lead principles, that we have decided to create a day uniquely and exclusively devoted to providing everyone with  tools, tips, forums, resources and encouragement to do just that. In short, we are delighted to announce the creation of The International Day of Leadership (IDOL).

The first annual IDOL is in the planning stages (we are still in discussion with key sponsors around the best date to launch). The day will focus on implementing the ideas presented in Do Lead and promoting leadership at all levels within companies, organizations, at home, at play, in churches, schools, colleges and universities. Think of a 'Davos for the rest of us' crossed with a 'TED for Do-ers'.

This is a bold venture - one which I'm personally enthralled with. We reckon it will take us three years to evolve IDOL into all it can be, and I hope you'll come along on the journey with us. Here are two ways to do so:

For Participants in the current Do Lead Contest:

Our vision for IDOL is that it will be an international event that encourages and celebrates acts of leadership, and rather than have two separate activities in parallel, we’ve decided to re-vamp our current Do Lead contest to make it an integral part of the day as The IDOL Enterprise Award.

If you have already entered the current contest, your application will be automatically re-submitted for The IDOL Enterprise Award. All the prizes elements included in the original Do Lead contest will be incorporated into The IDOL Enterprise Award.

Get Notified:

In mid-September we will be announcing the specifics of both The International Day of Leadership and The IDOL Enterprise Award. If you would like to receive details as they become available (and receive general updates on IDOL), simply enter your information below and we'll add you to the list (there is a simple one-clickunsubscribe link in all the emails we send).

I do hope you'll join us on this exciting journey.

Make small, regular deposits in your own ‘leadership bank’, so that one day, when necessary, you can make a similarly large withdrawal.
— Les McKeown, CEO Predictable Success