Leadership isn’t an elite act. We can all, any of us, lead at any time – and more of us should be than are.

In this book, you’ll learn what it truly means to lead, and how to do it (if you want to). In the first part of the book we’ll demolish the 4 myths that have paralyzed leadership in our modern era.

You’ll learn that leadership is often mundane, that it can be undertaken by anyone and that true leadership happens every day, not just at times of crisis.

In the second half of Do Lead, I provide you with the tools you’ll need to be an impactful leader: The mindset required; the basic leadership toolkit; techniques for dealing with the (inevitable) failures, and a guide to how to get started.

My goal is that by the time you’ve finished the first half of this short book, you will decide that you too can lead – and make a real difference in whatever your sphere of influence; and that part two of the book will give you everything you need to make a poignant start. If you’re already a leader, I believe this book will help reignite your passion for leadership and will give you a new perspective – and some new tools to make your leadership even more effective.

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