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Revolutionize the way you think about Leadership.

Do Lead is the third book from Predictable Success President and CEO Les McKeown.  Developing on the themes established in his previous books, Predictable Success and The Synergist, Do Lead shows you how to grow your business through fostering leadership within all members of staff.


To make the case for the revolutionary ideas in this book, Les and his company Predictable Success are offering over $100,000 of free management consulting to one very lucky organization.  Over an 8 week period any business or non-profit  in the US can apply to win the opportunity to work with Les and his team personally, and bring the ideas and strategies outlined in Do Lead directly into their organization.


Transform your organization by developing leadership in every employee and at every level.

Les McKeown and his Predictable Success team are offering $100,000 of management consulting, free, to one lucky company or non-profit.

Is your organization ready to Lead?