Executive Feedback for Les McKeown & Predictable Success.

Les McKeown is absolutely on top of his game. Les not only knows - and shows - how your businesses can grow and succeed, he explains it a way that is intuitive, entertaining and immediately actionable.
— Darryl Hutson, CEO, American Express Incentive Services
Les helped us identify the changes we needed to make in how we were running the business, guided us each step of the way, and held us accountable for implementing the actions we agreed. With Les’s facilitation, we re-defined our management roles, brought in new expertise to the management team, and restructured our group interactions and communications. If you’re a business owner or a CEO looking to take your business to the next level, I’d strongly recommend you contact Les McKeown
— John Higman, President & CEO, Pacific Architectural Millwork
Les McKeown has for over 7 years assisted us in the growth and development of our distributorship network. His understanding of what makes a business succeed - and a passionate commitment to teaching others how to accomplish.
— Mel Haught, CEO, Pella Corp
Les really captures the integration of key business processes, people, and leadership to consistently deliver a compelling vision, comprehensive plan, and profitable growth for the benefit of all stakeholders.
— Alan Mulally, President & CEO, Ford Motor Co
Les provides a sensible and strategic playbook for any leader seeking to take their organization to the next level, and provides the conceptual framework to ensure a successful outcome.
— David A. Brandon, Chairman and CEO, Domino's Pizza
Les McKeown clearly has a deep understanding of how businesses grow
— Brian Walker, President and CEO, Herman Miller Inc.
Finally - a book that can serve as a blueprint for anyone trying to get the most from everyone in their organization. Les McKeown’s fresh perspective on the persistent problem of bringing together people with different work styles is a must-read for anyone who works with groups or teams.
— JJ Ramberg, Host of MSNBC's 'Your Business' and CEO of Goodsearch.com
I feel comfortable ranking Les as the very best in the field...
— Lord Tim Bell, co-Founder, Saatchi and Saatchi, Member of British House of Lords.
Working with Les vastly accelerated our success, and saved us from a multitude of potential ‘dead-ends’. I thoroughly recommend Les McKeown for any business wanting to break through to the next stage in growth.
— John Estabrook, CEO, Horne Building Specialties, Inc.